Friday, 31 July 2015

Friday... bring on the music...

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as usual
I began my driving part of the day
with classical music
(it soothes the savage driving spirit)

but what was different today was
beneath the haze of fine music
I zoned into some words by the radio announcer

a quote

my music is best understood by children and animals


I felt

the quote happily haunted
my frantic teaching day
and gave me strength
and gave me different puzzles to play

what did it mean
what did it mean

I found myself
gathering thoughts

these souls
sense the music
without lessons
without the refinement of
what to appreciate
and what not

somehow these souls
seem to know
more about the music of heaven
than we older varieties can even dream about

where did we take the wrong turn

did we build the wrong journey

did we see the wrong goals

did we let
our mansions

till our music
forgot how to play

if only we could find a way
to retrieve
our lost song

our lost chord

Friday, 17 July 2015 a falling house of cards...

Image : Huffington post article:
7 Facts That Bring Order To The Madness Of  'Alice's Adventures In Wonderland'  9.7.15

when Friday ends
(at work)
I want to change

I want to exchange
one madness of
nonsensical rules
for another madness

my own madness

even if I must use
dream devices
to unchain
waking logic

my dream device allows
the compassionate tow truck driver
sacked for rescuing a disabled man on a busy motorway
to get his job back

who ever heard of rules that supercede kindness in a desperate situation...
even safety rules have their blind spots

and just to show
how far I will take this madness of mine
I'd love to learn
how to make sculptures
out of sugar
sculptures made entirely of sugar

then the tumbling house of cards
can vaporise into

sweet dreams

Joseph Marr creates sculptures of sugar

Friday, 10 July 2015

Friday is like scattered leaves...

Friday is like scattered leaves...

a week of rainy days means procrastination has been at an optimum....

the nigh weekend is like a sense of hope
that sunny changes may emerge with a new dawn...

I cannot forget the little boy
using the light of Mcdonald's
to complete his homework
it seems
that homework
gave his life meaning
and I couldn't forget the fact
that he treasured his one pencil to write his homework

he kept it close
to his rosary beads

I cannot forget
the old lion
touching the earth
and seeing the sky
for the first time

I cannot forget
scattered leaves
keep the spirit