Friday, 13 November 2015

perhaps this 'he'...

Perhaps this 'he' could be 'she'

                                                                                 could be 'me'...


See him wandering alone,
The crowdless man,
He has no group,
He has no tribe,
He carries his identity in his pocket.
His pocket has a hole in it,
His story has a hole in it,
His tragedy is not a tune you can hum.
His suffering and sacrifice,
They have no handles;
His persecution has no logo,
No shrine, no yardstick.
His joy has no credentials,
His observations have no fixed address;
There are no awards whatsoever.
His gaze and yearning are way outside the loop,
His pilgrimage has lots of holes in it.
See him wandering alone.
Beaming to himself. 

Thank you 
Michael Leunig 
for letting me see 

Michael Leunig planting a Saharan Cypress
at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Melbourne
October 2015
- Michael Leunig Appreciation Page