Friday, 28 August 2015

I made time...

I made time to see the flowers today

warming near Spring sun is enough for them
to venture into new life

they put aside
adverse winds

and simply
get on with
living and

some need the closeness of like minds
double the beauty

and yet
each retains a unique breath
a unique voice

that sings in the moment

even if the moment

is meant to be

Friday, 21 August 2015

it was the usual...

it was the usual
too much to do
too little time
kind of Friday

lots of rocky shapes to negotiate

or it appeared to be at 8:00am

but by 9:30am
something small
but something special
just happened

a student
(a Year 10 student no less)

while he waited the long wait
for the school network to load on his computer
and I was drifting 
doing the usual rounds of
get thinking
get creating
sing song

told me to hold out my hands

I was still not quite into the roll/role of reality
so did as asked

he told me to close my eyes
and not peek

I closed my eyes

and then
I felt 
wrappers in my hands

something you'll like miss
to get you through the day

the eyes 
my eyes
popped open
and there were 
coffee sweets
coffee delights

o so appealing

he smiled at my surprise
now don't munch them in class
he said
with a wicked grin

I thanked him

if only students knew
how a day can be so changed
with a little kindness
and thoughtfulness

those rocky shapes
intimidating an hour ago
now sparkled

my Friday became
a day of beauty

that still lingers

Friday, 14 August 2015

the sun sets...

the sun sets
on another working week
the relief of a new weekend is nigh

but thoughts still
shuffle back to those
heavy days
last week
when an angel lady
stepped up to heaven

as I drove home today
in light grey rain

I felt her face
drifting with the soft afternoon music

the farmlands slipped by on the notes of the winds
she was there

I felt her smile
somehow out of tune with
her sad

like a limbo between
bliss and

I felt impelled
when I arrived home
to find 
her other voice
her own 

I found Silverwind

 I believe though I don't really understand 

behind the shining smile
she was a troubled spirit
but she lived a life
soothing the spirits of others

she reached out in love
to orphaned children 

she made exquisite little dolls' outfits
as gifts

but the child in her
was dragged along
a little tattered
a little torn
a little orphaned

 I believe though I don't really understand 

I don't really understand
how to give
the path of love
to one
who seems lost

I don't really understand
how to connect loving memories
from yesterday
to today

And when the break of dawn seems oh, so far away 
And all my joy has disappeared into the night

her darkness
was sealed
in music

while she always walked 
in the light

 I believe in spite of all I'm going through
I believe in you

Friday, 7 August 2015

I did not expect to say soon...

Dearest Esther... 
You shared your beautiful soul with so many of us round the world. 
Even though we may not have met you in person, we walked with you in your world. 
You gave us the gift of seeing the birth of hope, courage and vision 
in what could be a desert wasteland. 
What an inspiration. 
It can be done. 
 Thank you so much for sharing your smile... 
We will not forget... 
Fly dear lady with the angels... 
We are sure you continue to watch over us... 

We feel your spirit...

                  - My Facebook post - Friday 7.8.15

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Born in Sweden, I came to Niger in 1986 and am still around. Am the greatest Niger fan you can find and cannot think of a better way to live my life than working for Eden Foundation in the Tanout zone.
- died 5th August 2015 - 34 years old...

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