Friday, 14 August 2015

the sun sets...

the sun sets
on another working week
the relief of a new weekend is nigh

but thoughts still
shuffle back to those
heavy days
last week
when an angel lady
stepped up to heaven

as I drove home today
in light grey rain

I felt her face
drifting with the soft afternoon music

the farmlands slipped by on the notes of the winds
she was there

I felt her smile
somehow out of tune with
her sad

like a limbo between
bliss and

I felt impelled
when I arrived home
to find 
her other voice
her own 

I found Silverwind

 I believe though I don't really understand 

behind the shining smile
she was a troubled spirit
but she lived a life
soothing the spirits of others

she reached out in love
to orphaned children 

she made exquisite little dolls' outfits
as gifts

but the child in her
was dragged along
a little tattered
a little torn
a little orphaned

 I believe though I don't really understand 

I don't really understand
how to give
the path of love
to one
who seems lost

I don't really understand
how to connect loving memories
from yesterday
to today

And when the break of dawn seems oh, so far away 
And all my joy has disappeared into the night

her darkness
was sealed
in music

while she always walked 
in the light

 I believe in spite of all I'm going through
I believe in you

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